Hey Tumblr,

So last Friday, I gave a chalk talk about the biology of addiction and stress (and other science stuff) to a group of artists as part of my friend Maryam’s artlab series. 

ArtLab grew as a natural extension of Maryam’s role as manager of the mixed-media arts company, Our Ladies of South Fourth Street, which operates out of Brooklyn, and her work as a scientist and artist. I was honored to be invited to Our ladies’ home base to talk about my work and my views on science and art in what will hopefully be the first of a long list of discussions between scientists and artists of all types. It was a really great time. Enjoy this snippet of my talk. Forgive the nerdery.


(here’s a second clip of my talk for those who are interested; especially if you ever wanted to know why I got into addiction research)

Edit: ArtLab is on Facebook. Like it!


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